About the Project

The Working Life Project’s mission is to capture and share stories
of America’s entrepreneurs and small business owners.

We want to learn about their motivations, their worries, their frustrations, their dreams, and their aspirations. We hope to find those things that make them tick.
Our goal is to create a greater awareness and understanding of those individuals who power America's economy,
while at the same time building an archive of American entrepreneurial life in the 21st Century.

We believe those stories need to be told.

Recent Stories

Marc Adams and Carrie Stollings

Rocket Science Marketing Labs

Marc Adams and Carrie Stollings on the transition from industry experts to novice business owners…

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I'm fascinated with stories of small business and the people behind them...the mom and pop shops, the guy who has corner garage, or the family who runs the bakery in town. These are the people that keep our local economies going and no one is telling their stories. That's why I've launched The Working Life Project."
David Harkins

Tell Us Your Story

The purpose of this project is to capture a snapshot in the life of a small business owner and entrepreneur—from mom and pop operations to those with up to 100 employees. We're interested in learning about what motivates you, what worries you, your dreams, your frustrations and your aspirations.

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